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Nothing slows down a website like bloated and un-optimized code. Our code is clean, lightweight, and tuned for optimal performance. In order for your website to deliver the best possible performance we pay special attention to using best practices in the following areas: Combination Of Files, Better CSS Loading, Better JavaScript Loading, Removal of Whitespace, Fixing Of Fonts, Using Smarter and Better Responsive Images, and Compression.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very effective mechanism for increasing a website’s visibility on the web. Our themes are developed to be SEO ready out of the box by incorporating a smart design architecture optimized for Search Engines so you can begin boosting your web presence without delay.
Now that you invested time, effort, and money into building your website one thing remains. Last but not least, your site’s security. Good thing is, we already thought of that so you don’t have to. We design and build all our themes strictly following all the latest security guidelines and best practices from WordPress and the industry. This means you have one thing less to worry about.

We realize that each individual has a practically unlimited amount of ideas, thoughts, and feelings on how to express themselves. Their website is their de facto voice and paintbrush. To help, we built a Powerful Customizer Theme Option Panel which provides over 200 individual customizations that can be used to change the look and feel of your website. We are continuously working on always expanding this functionality so please look for future releases where even more customizations will be made available.
We design and build our themes according to the KISS principle, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. We are all about a simple install and the rich features that come with it. Our themes are built for beginners or advanced users alike. They are easy to use, intuitive, and simply work great out of the box with minimal configuration and work effort.
All our themes are continuously kept in synch with the latest version of WordPress. As soon as WordPress announces a new Release Candidate (RC), Beta Release, you can be sure we immediately begin testing for compatibility and/or make changes to make sure our themes, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY your websites, are always operating flawlessly. As soon as we release an update it is immediately available free of charge to all our existing customers.