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We design and build our themes according to the KISS principle, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.

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As you may know, WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to bring their content to the world.

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Great Performance

Nothing slows down a website like bloated and un-optimized code. Our code is clean, lightweight, and tuned for optimal performance. In order for your website to deliver the best possible performance we pay special attention to using best practices in the following areas: Combination Of Files, Better CSS Loading, Better JavaScript Loading, Removal of Whitespace, Fixing Of Fonts, Using Smarter and Better Responsive Images, and Compression.

Powerful Customizer

We realize that each individual has a practically unlimited amount of ideas, thoughts, and feelings on how to express themselves. Their website is their de facto voice and paintbrush. To help, we built a Powerful Customizer Theme Option Panel which provides over 200 individual customizations that can be used to change the look and feel of your website. We are continuously working on always expanding this functionality so please look for future releases where even more customizations will be made available.

Stellar Support

Do you have a question? Are you not sure about something? Don’t hesitate. Ping us and we will do our best to make sure your issue is addressed quickly. We are very strong believers in a healthy work/life balance so we don’t do “Banking Hours”. Don’t be surprised to receive responses at the oddest of hours.

Responsive Designs

We meticulously follow the industry’s best practice of using a responsive web design. Meaning, serving the same HTML code for all devices and only using CSS Media Queries to determine the rendering on each device. This built-in intelligence dynamically detects and scales to any resolution allowing your theme to look equally amazing on any operating system, desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Why VMThemes?

We have a very simple and basic goal when we design and develop our themes. We want you to spend as little of your precious time as possible trying to figure out how to customize something in our themes, and spend as much time as possible focusing on creating the most awesome content for your audience.

There are many WordPress themes out there built by excellent developers. Unfortunately in order for someone to be able to install and customize the look and feel of those themes one has to be at least a decent developer themselves. We at VMThemes on the other hand have a completely different approach. We don’t want you to ever see a single line of code. We invest a great amount of time and effort upfront in order to design and build our themes to be the most user friendly, easy to use, and extremely customizable WordPress themes on the market. This way you can invest all of your time and effort on creating and effortlessly delivering your content to your customers. Not trying to figure out how to customize something.

We like to call this the KISS Principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. We spend all our time making sure you will spend as little of your time as possible when customizing our themes.

A simple way to think of this is in terms of an automobile: WordPress is the motor, drivetrain, and the frame all nicely tucked away from your view. VMThemes is the body, paint job, doors, seats, dashboard, and everything else that is visible to the eye.

Imagine if you could take this automobile and quickly change it from a 4 door sedan into a 2 door coupe, or maybe even a convertible for the weekend without ever having to pick up a tool. Or maybe also changing the paint job and the interior to a lighter color so it doesn’t get so hot in the sun when you drive to the beach. How about changing the dashboard instrumentation from digital to analog with one click of the mouse? Well, it’s all very possible and best of all very simple. All this amazing power under your fingertips, just a few mouse clicks away.