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Why Choose Us

Fast and friendly support

Do you have a question? Are you not sure about something? Don't hesitate. Ping us and we will do our best to make sure your issue is addressed quickly. We are very strong believers in providing timely & outstanding support to our customers.

Easy to Use

We design and build our themes according to the KISS principle, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. We are all about a simple install and the rich features that come with it. Our themes are built for beginners or advanced users alike.

Security Standards

Now that you invested time, effort, and money into building your website one thing remains. Security! We design and build all our themes strictly following all the latest security guidelines from WordPress and the industry.

Powerful Performance

Nothing slows down a website like bloated and un-optimized code. Our code is clean, lightweight, and tuned for optimal performance in order for your website to deliver the best possible performance.

Responsive Layout

We meticulously follow the industry's best practice of using a responsive web design. Meaning, serving the same HTML code for all devices and only using CSS Media Queries to determine the rendering on each device.

SEO Ready

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very effective mechanism for increasing a website's visibility on the web. Our themes are developed to be SEO ready out of the box by incorporating a smart design architecture.

Happy Customers

  • Excellent theme. I was thinking about starting a blog but never found any interesting themes until now. Donna theme is exactly what I wanted and the support is excellent. I had a lot of questions and I got answers from their support very fast. I really recommend themes from this developer!!

    Joel E.
  • Being somewhat computer design savvy I was looking for the most simple, yet informationally comprehensive web design possible. I used the free version of the Modality Theme for some time, using my coding ability to “get around” and change things that weren’t available in the free version.  After some time I realized that all the time I had spent to make the changes was easily worth the $60 price tag that the themes by vmThemes carry. I was so impressed by the build and ease of use that I purchased.  BEST CHOICE EVER.  Here’s why: (more…)

    Travis B
  • We’ve been using the VMThemes Modality theme on our WordPress website for several months, and are quite happy with the quality of the theme. There are a few enhancements that we’d like to see, but even without those additions, it works well and we have received compliments on how our site looks. We’ve also contacted the support team several times with questions and issues, and have always found the support team to be responsive and helpful. I highly recommend VMThemes.

    Don Faust
  • My experience with VMThemes has been outstanding, I had some small issues with customizing my website and they couldn’t have been any more helpful. The speed in which they replied to my queries was fantastic, I even received support when they were after business hours.

  • I really appreciate the quality and options built into these themes. I’m currently using Modality Pro and in the process of building two other sites with Terrifico and Initio. The few times I’ve asked for support, the response has been prompt and complete. Thanks for the great work! Keep it up!!

    Dave Phillips